‘Yummy Tummies’ 5 Tips for New Mums to get Back into Shape

Posted on Jun 10 2015 - 8:47pm by Staff


Yummy Tummies, a team of post pregnancy exercise specialists have recently announced their ‘five tip plan,’ offering up a plan with proven results to help with post pregnancy baby weight.

A simple but effective plan, the London based fitness company are passionate about helping women achieve their pre-baby weight, aiming to get them feeling fighting fit and confident even with a new little one to take care of.

The plan takes into account the difficulties of fitting in fitness, and focuses on nutrition, hydration, strengthening the pelvic floor and working to strengthen the body to make it better able to deal with the stresses and strains put on the body through being a new mum.

Making the plan accessible to everyone, the team wanted to help new mums from all over, and have posted their five helpful tips online at:


“All mums deserve to feel energised & confident and to get back into shape.” says Lyndon Littlefair a London professional, Post Pregnancy Exercise Specialist and owner of Yummy Tummies “but you need to follow some simple steps..”




Lyndon has vast experience in helping new mums bounce back, working to help them feel energised and strong and has now created a plan accessible to everyone.

Supported by Book Your Lifestyle, an online platform delivering great daily deals in the health, fitness and beauty sectors, co-founder David Smith says:

“At Book Your Lifestyle we champion the great work of our suppliers and Yummy Tummies is a perfect example, providing a fantastic service assisting new mums with fitness, at a time that for many is particularly challenging.”

Yummy Tummies are based are based in London, offering training sessions to local mums. Alongside this they aim to help mums from further afield, which is why they have created this fantastic five tip plan.

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