The new investors of the fashion industry

Posted on Jun 17 2015 - 6:03pm by Staff
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With more economies showing signs of growth all over the world, there have become more opportunities for investment in the world of fashion. For example, menswear has seen a dramatic increase in revenue in these emerging economies. This has led to more interest in different areas of the world of fashion. More retailers are extending their business to international locations than ever before. Better internet access has led to people all over the world being more fashion aware.

High-end fashion attracting investors

Demand for exclusive luxury goods has risen over the past few years. Designers such as Hermès have waiting lists for some items. This means that some customers won’t be getting a handbag for many years. However, this doesn’t matter because for many people, these goods are worth waiting for. Exclusivity and quality are a winning combination in this market.

Fashion startups seen as lucrative

Many potential investors are looking for the next great fashion startup. Since fashion is a constantly changing industry, it can be hard for some investors to stay abreast of trends. This is changing, however, and has led to many opportunities for entrepreneurs to get the capital they need to create a successful business or expand the one they currently have in the works. M1 Group’s profile shows that it is becoming increasingly invested in the world of fashion. M1 Group purchased Façonnable and revamped it to include women’s fashions, so an entirely new demographic is being reached; this has helped make the brand much more well-known than before. By investing in a combination of startups and revamping existing labels, M1 Group has shown that the world of fashion is a great way to invest.

Fashion lovers are investing more in their passion

Those that like to keep up with the world of fashion have an advantage when it comes to investing in it. They are more likely to catch on to rising trends so that they can make good investment decisions early on and thus have a better chance at a great return. This has led to more female investors than before as well as even more female entrepreneurs. Investing in something that you have a passion for can be helpful since you are more likely to be involved and to pay attention to your investment.

Retail outlets on the rise in emerging economies

While online shopping is popular, there are still plenty of people that enjoy shopping in person so that they can get the best fit and a more personal experience. This is especially true in the luxury goods area, where personalised service is expected.

Areas of investment are far-reaching

There are many ways to invest in fashion. With the rise of fashion, there is increased demand for commercial and retail space. Raw materials are also necessary, so investing in textiles or real estate are both ways to invest in the world of fashion if you don’t want to invest directly in a fashion house or label.

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