Startas + Co’s competition to change how people buy fashion items

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Low cost and easily accessible clothing has led to a throwaway fashion culture, a trend which eco-conscious designers such as Vivienne Westwood are trying to eliminate. Ethical shoe brand Startas + Co is leading the movement in trying to change the way people buy fashion items with a new Instagram competition.


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It has been claimed that social media and the rise of the selfie is to blame for this throwaway culture – as people don’t like to be seen wearing the same outfit more than once. When images from every social event are shared on social media instantly, it means we have to buy more clothing to keep up with our social calendar and unrealistic expectations of what is acceptable to wear.

Startas + Co is aiming to switch this concept on its head, by utilising social media and image sharing to encourage the opposite. Instead of buying new shoes and clothing on a regular basis, the brand is asking consumers to just have one versatile pair of its plimsolls and snap them in as many locations as possible. Fashionistas can upload their images to Instagram with hashtag #StartWithStartas and tag Startas + Co to take part in the movement.


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Jelena Micunovic, Managing Director of Startas + Co said, “The environment is a fundamental part of our ethos, and we go to a lot of effort to ensure each pair of our shoes is handmade from organic materials. Constantly buying from new and buying too much is a cultural problem which needs addressing. I hope our Instagram movement can help raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to think before they throwaway and think before they buy.”

The sustainable efforts of Startas + Co have not gone unnoticed by conscious consumers, and many Brits have now swapped their regular trainers for a pair of eco-friendly Startas. With a range of classic and eccentric designs, the stylish plimsolls are a statement wardrobe essential and can be paired with pretty much anything.


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Vivienne Westwood has led the ‘Buy less, choose well’ way of thinking, but the message hasn’t really transcended to the majority of the public who can’t afford to pay designer prices. Startas + Co offers an affordable alternative, where people can choose to buy a fashionable pair of trainers which are built to last.

Jelena added, “I’m so excited to see where in the world our Startas will end up! They could be papped outside Buckingham Palace or seen in a selfie at the top of the Burj Khalifa. We’re looking for the person who wears their Startas the most.”

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