Simple Tips for Decorating Your New Place

Posted on Dec 15 2015 - 10:02pm by Staff

Everyone talks about the benefits of a fresh start or blank canvas but when it comes to decorating a new home, starting from scratch can actually be quite daunting. Although it’s tempting to just save the hassle and paint every wall the same shade of beige, there are plenty of simple ways to ensure your new place reflects your character.

From picking the colour scheme to deciphering tumble dryer symbols so that you’re new fabrics are kept clean and fresh, here are a few simple tips on decorating your new place.

Make a Plan

This might sound obvious, but it’s important to create a detailed plan of every room when you’re starting from scratch. Use old-fashioned pencil and paper or an online tool to create a floorplan so you know the dimensions, then think about which items are necessary and make sure you’ve given yourself enough space to fit them in.

You can start experimenting with bigger or quirky pieces, like an oversized statement wardrobe for the bedroom or little rocking chair for the lounge, and see how you prefer the room to be arranged. It’s also a good idea to plan your colour scheme before you start buying anything. Work out which pieces will work well together, buy swatches of fabric or paint and remember to design the colour palette around an item you love, like a treasured painting.

Reuse and Recycle

This isn’t just useful if you’re decorating on a budget; it can also be a way to breathe some new life into much-loved pieces. Try filling old, flat-bottomed glasses with tea lights or small succulents for an attractive mantelpiece. Another idea is to repaint an old box or bread bin and use it to store your bills in, so they’ll never get lost again. You could also use it as an attractive way to store spice jars in the kitchen.

Fabrics are often a great way to reenergise old pieces, particularly if you’re planning a completely different design scheme to that of your last home. The idea of working with fabric, from sewing to working out tumble dryer symbols can be daunting, but with a staple gun and some scissors, a re-upholstery project needn’t be too difficult. There are plenty of online tutorials, and you can learn to decipher laundry-related conundrums like tumble dryer symbols here. Alternatively, just cut squares of old fabric and glue in a structured pattern to a tablecloth for a cool graphic look.

Integrate Your Passion

It’s easy to get distracted by the latest trends in home design, like an ultra-minimalist all-white scheme, but bear in mind that this space needs to be something you’ll enjoy living in. So scrapbook or pin images as valuable inspiration, but don’t be afraid to buck the trends a little. Whether your passion is stencilling or something as eclectic as collecting slushy machines, find a way to incorporate it into your design.

It’s even possible to make your passion into an attractive design feature, like using your rock collection as bookends, or proudly displaying your shoes with shelving that covers a whole wall. If nothing else, you’ll have an instant conversation starter when guests visit!

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