Scottish fashion brand Audacious style launches online store

Posted on Sep 11 2016 - 8:18am by Staff
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Bringing you the latest styles and trends straight from the catwalks, Audacious style believe in creating individuality and freedom of expression in what women choose to wear.

Exploring the unique and fun side of fashion, Audacious style believe every fashionista has a gift. They believe in seeing every individual flourish in their fashion choices, eliminating stereotypes or conventions from traditional fashion brands. Audacious Style believe in allowing their customers to play a huge role in the crafting of the brand as they grow, taking note of every customer’s opinions on style for their new collections.

Founded by newly married couple Mary and Izzi, Audacious Style believe in the philosophy of teamwork, embracing the opportunity to collaborate with others. Taking on board the opinions of each of their customers, Audacious Style tailor their collection to meet every individual need.audacious-style2Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, founder Izzi was previously employed as a Production Engineer, before venturing into the fashion industry.  After Aberdeen was hit by the recent drop in Oil price and the wave of redundancies sweeping through the Granite City, he decided to take the plunge and begin his own fashion brand. As a dental student in her first year, Mary had a passion for helping people feel confident and injecting everyone’s personality in their fashion choices.

“We’ve both had a passion for putting together quirky outfits and expressing ourselves through our clothing. Our ambition was to bring out the quirkiness and individuality in women by selecting and eventually designing outfits that were bold and spoke volumes of the person wearing them while displaying their unique style.”

After combining his inspirations from his wife Mary’s quirky fashion sense and energy, along with a passion for a taste of a new career, Mary and Izzi finally pursued their dream and Audacious Style was born.




Meeting the fashion needs of every fashionista anywhere between 18 and 30, Audacious Style aim to create a look that doesn’t meet the conventional fashion looks. Keeping their customers updated with the latest trends, they are passionate about making each fashion statement bold and fun and are dedicated to creating a confident style for every woman, no matter what shape or size.

With the hope to build a successful brand, Audacious Style’s team is continuously growing. With a plan in place to launch their own in-house designed outfits by early 2017, Audacious Style are passionate about truly capturing bold styles with input from their loyal fans.

On a road to success, Audacious Style are passionate about caring for each of their customers and strive to provide the best customer care they can. Audacious Style always go that extra mile for their loyal customers to make every purchase a special one.

Generosity is a core value at Audacious Style and so with the launch of their online store, they are offering 10% off your first order with free delivery to all UK shipping orders.

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