Present Ideas for the Men in your Life

Posted on Aug 24 2016 - 9:18pm by Staff
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Let’s face it. Whether it’s for Dad, a boyfriend or husband, or brother, when it comes to buying presents for the men in our lives, it can be tricky! Men are so notoriously difficult to buy gifts for and asking for ideas is not always met with much more than a grunt or ‘dunno’.. ! I don’t have a statistic for this but my hunch is that the British sweater and sock industries are kept alive and well purely on this basis.

But it needn’t be a chore that involves buying the same old staples time and time again. Does your dad really need any more socks, even if they are nice merino wool ones? Probably not! Thanks to the internet there are truly so many exciting alternatives to look into. Here are some great ideas to jazz up your present buying strategy for Mr. X.


Boys of all ages famously love their toys and seem to never fully grow up! In 2016 the ultimate boy’s toy to hit the market is without doubt the drone, like this one on Find a Present! Perhaps not one for small boys to use unaccompanied, but this is going to keep any man entertained for hours.


Technology also belongs to the realm of boy’s toys, though it is probably slightly more practical! You may find that the range of tech items is a little bewildering on today’s market of smartphones, tablets, internet TVs etc.  Also many of these former items are either a little on the practical side, or widely owned. So it is best to narrow the field down. Entertainment is a great area of technology where there are many new product releases, such as the new fire TV stick with voice remote.


It’s hard to go wrong with a drop of a man’s favourite tipple. Whether it is beer, wine or champagne, the options online are endless and will suit all budgets.

As well as drink itself there are of course a myriad of accessories, from glasses to wine coolers to novel shaped and expensive glasses.


More and more men like to geek out in the kitchen, and they should be encouraged! A gift for a foodie will not only be bound to please him, it will also earn you some dinners!

There are so many ideas. I’d suggest that you can either go gadget and gismo route, and buy that latest food processor that also brews craft beer, or go for simplicity and quality – for example a set of very high quality steel Japanese knives.

So, hopefully thanks to these suggestions, the next time you are looking for a gift for a man in your life, you won’t be buying any more socks!

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