New mind-spa frees you to be the best version of yourself

Posted on Feb 5 2015 - 8:44pm by Staff

A retreat that goes beyond the surface:

Millions of women book retreats each year for a temporary escape from their everyday stresses and pressures to indulge in massages, facials or the latest beauty treatment. While these breaks might give brief respite, they only ever achieve surface level changes, but a new type of retreat is now available that uses psychotherapeutic techniques and professional coaching to really rejuvenate the mind and help people to realise their own strength and power.

“Personal development at its five star finest” Carole-Ann Rice, Daily Express

All in a Good Day’s Work is a unique experience that whisks women away from their everyday environment to an exclusive location in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside for a single day of one-to-one coaching sessions. Arriving in a chauffeur driven Mercedes, guests are greeted at the luxury cottage by two expert professional coaches – Bec Howard and Dannie-Lu Carr, the “Good Witches of the North.” Sheltered from the usual daily distractions and pressures, guests enjoy gourmet chef-cooked food and breath-taking scenery combined with tough love and tea to leave them reinvigorated and focused, ready to return to their private and professional life refreshed, as if by magic. Issues that the “Witches” help address include:

  • Removing self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Dealing with stresses of stepping up into a new role at work
  • Relieving the pressures of “shoulds,” or the things others expect of you
  • Being authentic and true to yourself, in both private and professional life
  • Tackling a fear of failure which stops you achieving

This enchanted treatment has already helped women from all walks of life, including actors, CEOs and entrepreneurs. The one thing all attendees have in common is that they have something in their life that they want to change, and little time to do something about it, but following their sessions every single one of them has felt empowered to take control of their own destiny and make the changes that matter to them.

More than just hocus pocus:

The two “Good Witches” are both sought after Professional Executive Coaches and highly qualified experts in the psychology of identity and the psychology of performance, respectively.

Bec Howard is a multi award-winning entrepreneur, Master Practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and her innovative psychotherapeutic approach to coaching helps women to eradicate the self-limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

Dannie-Lu Carr’s background as a writer, actor, film and theatre director and coach gives her a unique insight into how women can put across the best version of themselves.

Together, the warm but refreshingly down-to-earth style of these two psychological sorceresses helps women eradicate their limiting beliefs and the underlying reasons why they may be struggling to be truly effective, providing practical solutions that create positive change.

Booking information:

All in a Good Day’s Work is an in-depth experience that allows guests to escape and return home in a single day, and while friends and colleagues needn’t know where you have been, they will certainly notice a difference. Sessions are available throughout the year, priced £2,495 + VAT, with bookings now being taken for 17th, 18th and 19th February, and 12th, 13th and 14th May.

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