Lisa Barwise of Mummy Shape School on Loving Your Body Again

Posted on Feb 11 2015 - 7:35pm by Staff

Post-baby bodies are set to be sexier than ever with the US expansion of an online weight loss community helping mums stay fit, healthy and in fabulous shape in both the UK and USA. Founded by kick-ass wellness alchemist and certified transformation coach Lisa Barwise, Mummy Shape School is packed full of resources, motivation and support.

Driven by the philosophy that “kids are the reason, not the excuse” Barwise is on a mission to help mums overcome emotional hurdles and make their own healthier and happier life a priority.


Lisa Barwise

“I truly believe that a mother’s health has a direct impact on the overall wellbeing of her family. That’s why it’s so important for mums to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and teach their little ones to do the same,” said Barwise.

While giving birth to a baby is an incredible emotional journey it can also be extremely taxing on the body. A recent survey carried out by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center revealed the extent of the issue, with almost 60% of women still carrying extra weight one to two years after the birth of a child. Furthermore a huge 86% of mums maintained that their mummy tummies still hadn’t returned to normal. Mummy Shape School is helping women regain their pre-baby figures with a bespoke programme designed to help mum’s lose weight, gain confidence and feel more energised throughout the day, without dieting or giving up the things that you love.

At the core of the No More Excuses programme is a specially developed healthy fat loss plan, home based exercise videos to build strength and flatten the stomach and self care activities that promote mindfulness and necessary emotional shifts.


Lisa Barwise2

These three main focuses shine the spotlight on optimum nutrition with family friendly clean eating recipes, adapted exercise for postnatal bodies and overcoming emotional barriers to achieving good health and maintaining a healthy weight.

For time poor mums with a brood of little ones on their hands Barwise’s time saving strategies, such as the healthy breakfast replacement and wholefood nutrition products are a godsend. Thanks to augmented physical wellbeing mums then enjoy increased energy levels which they can use to live life to the fullest with their loved ones. With the programme being delivered online there is no need for mums to engage babysitters to attend embarrassing weigh ins and the learning and transformation process can take place when convenient, around the demands of family life.


Lisa Barwise3

Barwise said, “As a transformation coach, a specialist in health, weight loss, fitness and lifestyle,  as well as being a mother, I feel like I have a wealth of knowledge to share with my fellow mummies. Shedding post-baby pounds, at any age can be extremely stressful which is why I launched Mummy Shape School with the intention of providing an effective way for mummies to reclaim their pre-pregnancy figures all with spending less than 30 minutes a day in the kitchen and gym or giving up the things that they love.”

The results speak for themselves, with mums shredding their mummy tummy, slipping into pre-pregnancy clothes, enjoying more energy and a whole new outlook.

Already, Lisa Barwise and her pioneering Mummy Shape School programme have created quite the buzz. CNN, Daily News, The Guardian, The Independent Fox News Health, Fitness and Net Mums have all covered the programme and pegged it as the next big thing in women’s weight loss and healthy lifestyle transformation.

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