Keeping Your Gym Kit Clean and Your Lifestyle Exercise-Friendly

Posted on Nov 26 2015 - 10:28pm by Staff
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If you’re a busy, active woman, you’ll know that exercising on a regular basis not only keeps you fit and healthy, but it also brings your energy levels up. After all, there’s nothing like the endorphin rush you get after a good spin class or a run in the park. But if your schedule is already packed, how do you fit regular exercise into your life — and all the maintenance that goes with?  From knowing your laundry symbols to having a spare pair of running shoes, here are five handy tips to make an exercise-friendly lifestyle easier.

  1. Take good care of your gym kit – Gym clothes can get smelly and sweaty fast, so it’s important to wash them on a regular basis, following instructions on your garment care tags. Check out this easy guide to laundry symbols— it’ll help you preserve your gym clothes and avoid laundry disasters. Washing at the wrong temperature or tumble-drying, for example, may destroy the elasticity in many synthetic fabrics. As a result, if you’re not following the laundry symbols correctly, your gym kit may not last as long.
  1. Have more than one set of gym clothes and shoes — Having more than one set reduces the wear and tear on your gym kit, so they’ll ultimately last you longer. You’ll also be able to wash and dry one set, while still having a spare set to work out in. If you go to gym or exercise classes near your work, you can keep one set of gym kit in your office or gym, and another one at home, in case an in-home yoga session or a run in your neighbourhood strikes your fancy. So ultimately, having multiple sets of gym kit makes life a lot easier! If you think this might be tough on your budget, there are always cheap online sales for athletic gear – shop around!
  1. Schedule exercise sessions at regular recurring times — One great way is to enrol in a weekly class or join a sports club. That way, for example, you’ll know that Tuesday evenings are always your yoga class and Saturday mornings are for your football club. If you prefer to work out on your own, plan ahead for which days you’ll do your run or gym training (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings, for example). By scheduling a regular exercise routine, it’ll be much easier for you to plan when to wash your gym kit, your eating, even your social life!
  1. Consider working out at home — Sometimes, commuting to a gym and carrying your gym kit can be a hassle. To ease your schedule, consider exercising at home. This can be done with merely a yoga mat and a DVD. Or invest in an exercise bicycle, or install pull-up bars at home. You’ll be able to toss your gym kit into the wash immediately after your work-out, and you’ll also save on gym membership or class fees.
  1. Find an exercise buddy — Working out can be a lot less lonely and a lot more fun with a companion. So find a friend to be your running buddy, go to pilates classes with you, or even visit the gym at the same time. You’ll both be more committed to your exercise schedule if there’s another person involved, and it’s a great way to have a social life while keeping fit and healthy. And there’s nothing like mutual exercise to strengthen a good friendship!

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