Jack-it-bag, a stylish jacket that transforms into compact bag

Posted on Nov 1 2016 - 9:47pm by Staff
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When planning an outfit for a girly night out or an evening gig, the jacket is usually the last thing to be considered. As well as covering up any well-styled ensemble, the burden of carrying it round once inside or queuing for the cloakroom is enough to deter many people from wrapping up, even during the winter party season. New product, the Jack-it-bag has been launched, offering the solution to this problem that is only set to grow as we wave goodbye to this year’s summer for good!




At first glance the Jack-it-bag is a contemporary bomber jacket, featuring the distinctive collarless style that is key to this season. Secure zip pockets ensure that evening essentials such as phones, makeup, money and more are stored away safely. However, with a few simple moves the coat is transformed into a bucket style bag with these items remaining fully accessible. Providing the perfect accessory to any party outfit, the Jack-it-bag provides an outer layer when it is needed most, yet can be simply stored away across the body when the dancing commences.

Jo Tribley, Creative Director commented, “I’m sure I’m not the only mother that was concerned for my daughter’s wellbeing on chilly nights! Fed up with the continual debate every Saturday night over the need to wear a coat, I was inspired to sit down at the kitchen table with a box of pins, a sewing machine and a length of fabric and create the Jack-it-bag prototype. With some style input from my daughter, we created a design that combines both fashion and function in a selection of sophisticated colours to suit a wide range of outfits.”




While the inspiration for the innovative, interchangeable accessory came from party origins, the practicality of the piece makes this an essential item for any woman’s wardrobe to accompany a vibrant lifestyle. Be prepared when the evening falls at festivals, days out exploring, backpacking, globetrotting or more with the new and original Jack-it-bag.

Priced £65 – £80, this piece of chic convertible clothing is an investment that can please both concerned parents and trendy party-goers alike. With a style that oozes fashion credentials without sacrificing usability, the Jack-it-bag is the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas season!

The Jack-it-bag is made in Britain, finished to the highest standards. Browse the full range at www.jack-it-bag.co.uk

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