Huffington Post contributor on team #gogirl for TOP SECRET 2015 Cannonball Run

Posted on Jun 27 2015 - 3:32pm by Staff
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What happens when 2 girls tackle 2.5 thousand miles in 6 days?

You’ll hear those engines revving thanks to the TOP SECRET 2015 Cannonball Run regardless of your location.

The all-female team #gogirl, Kaz Aston and Jasmine Palmer, have gotten the jump on their competitors thanks to the Huffington Post article published earlier this week, highlighting their efforts to raise money for multiple sclerosis (MS).

Children, the elderly… while most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40 years old, this condition affects all ages and both sexes. Aston has lived with MS for over two decades now and is thrilled to be assisting others with the condition thanks to the Cannonball Run.

As detailed exclusively in the Huffington Post by professional writer Sarah Cannata, Aston and Palmer will participate in the Cannonball Run Europe edition. Ever since its inception in 2002, the Cannonball Run has acted as a bucket list challenge for numerous participants, generating global participation.

Taking place across 6 days, the real twist here (better than the Sixth Sense) is that the event’s participants have no idea as to where their next destination will be. It’s so #topsecret that we don’t even have a start and end date for the event yet!

“Each day will be an exciting adventure into the unknown to help those with MS,” says Aston.

To celebrate the girls’ entry, Monarchy Online has launched the new UK #gogirl awards for 2015 to highlight the work of inspirational women of all ages. To honour their outstanding efforts and assistance in inspiring others to ‘make a difference’ on a global scale.

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