Happybags helps Keep Earrings Tidy Travelling

Posted on Feb 20 2016 - 2:51pm by Staff
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Keeping earrings tidy and paired up whilst travelling has always presented a problem, but now thanks to the ingenious Little Book of Earrings available from online specialist boutique Happybags storing and finding earrings will be a doddle.

The Little Book of Earrings can store up to 12 pairs of earrings, 6 pairs on each of its 2 fleecy pages. The holes are cleverly spaced so that the posts going through the page will not touch the earrings on the next page, there are even holes especially designed for hoop earrings.




The Little Book of Earrings is available in a wide choice of colours and there is larger version for use at home, designed to hold up to 48 pairs of earrings.

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