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Posted on May 19 2015 - 8:07pm by Staff
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Summer always means a diary full of celebrations and parties. When the sun is out and the living is easy, nothing is better than joining friends and family for a good old party. Barbecues, summer weddings, christenings, significant birthdays, Father’s Day – you name it, summer brings with it a host of fun events.

Celebrating special occasions usually involves buying a gift. Find out what’s hot this summer in the world of gift buying:

Beard gear

First up, let’s look at a gift for a male friend or family member. Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last couple of years, you couldn’t have failed to notice all the bearded guys on the block. Male grooming is big news right now and because facial hair is so wild and woolly, it needs tending. How about putting together a bespoke beard kit as a man-gift? Combine beard-conditioning oil with trimmers, moustache comb and beard wax – everything the hirsute hipster could need for bearded beauty. Place in an attractive wash bag or gift box to make the perfect summer gift for a hairy man in your life.

How did we ever cope before the internet? Finding unusual or quirky present ideas online is so much easier, and for sourcing a beard pampering kit, it should be the first place you look.

Marking a special day

Wedding gifts should be special, commemorating a memorable day. Choosing a personalised or customised gift will mean so much more to the happy couple, so consider a present that goes the extra mile. A unique flower bottle vase, engraved with the wedding date and their names makes a wonderful gift for a summer wedding. In years to come, when the vase is filled with summer blooms, it will be a happy reminder of a wonderful day. Take a look at the exquisite glass gift items at Dartington Crystal, where full engraving services are available.

Feminine fancies

Need to get something for a female? Fashion lovers adore anything in yellow this summer, 2015. Whether it’s canary, lemon or primrose doesn’t matter; any variants on the yellow shade will be gratefully accepted. Find a pair of sandals, a shawl, dress, jewellery or handbag in this zingy summer hue and see your popularity ratings soar.

Other summer hits

For other gifts that would be nice to receive, try thinking laterally and ideas should pop into your head. It’s going to be hot (hopefully!), so why not give a garden parasol? Or some wrought iron garden furniture? Or a collapsing barbecue with matching apron and tongs? Other summer suggestions could be a climbing rose to frame a doorway, a pair of chic designer sunglasses, an Esther Williams style vintage swimsuit, an underwater MP3 player or a personal soft scoop ice cream maker to keep you cool all summer long.

Summer with all its fun social events will soon be upon us. Be prepared for the rise in present giving by having a stock of ready ideas to suit all occasions. With these tips and the right research and planning, you’ll never be out of summer gift ideas again.

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