First Stop approved for female friendly Tyre Services Register

Posted on Jun 27 2015 - 6:45pm by Staff
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First Stop is delighted to become the first tyre group in the UK to be accepted by the country’s unique female friendly Tyre Services Register, guaranteeing women drivers will never be overcharged in any of their 76 branches.

First Stop retail centres join a growing network of UK garages, accident repairers and car dealers that have been approved as female friendly by meeting the quality standards required by FOXY Lady Drivers Club. Approved businesses are required to sign the FOXY Lady Promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women services they don’t need’.

Stuart Eagland, First Stop Retail’s Business Development Manager, said: “The business case for getting service levels right for women is compelling.

“Women are increasingly independent and wealthy, buying half of all new cars and garage services. We welcome this opportunity to prove that we know how to treat women with the respect they deserve as well as offering tyre fitting services we know they really appreciate.”

Award-winning FOXY Lady Drivers Club was established by Steph Savill in 2004 after her stepdaughter was overcharged by a garage at her first solo visit. After doing her homework, Steph was horrified to learn that UK garages and mechanics don’t have to be licensed to repair cars so she developed a unique motoring service for mums and daughters so they knew who they could trust in future. The organisation was awarded the TyreSafe Online and Social Media Award (2014) for their work to get tyre safety facts across to busy women.

Director Steph Savill said: “Too many women are intimidated by masculine garage environments and this may deter them from having their cars checked and maintained as often as they should. In the case of critical tyre safety, we have seen evidence that some women are less tyre safety conscious than men and we wanted to address this by identifying and then promoting female friendly tyre centres women could trust to not sell them anything they don’t need.”

Tyre specialists are required to meet strict criteria to be accepted on to the register, including a policy to never sell re-used tyres, with regular female testimonials required by FOXY Drivers Club to keep their place.

Maria Day, FOXY Lady Drivers Club Area Manager, said she was delighted with the partnership with First Stop.

She said: “We think it’s absolutely fantastic to have First Stop on our register to ensure women are never overcharged, patronised or sold anything they don’t need.

“The entire First Stop network is signed up to the FOXY Lady promise so women can find their closest branch and take their cars in knowing they will get the best possible service.

“It is the first entire tyre group in the UK to be signed up and to offer women drivers free safety checks across their network”

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