Dominique Mearns Couture fashion house brings back Hollywood glamour

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Old-school Hollywood glamour is returned to the red carpet and beyond as Dominique Mearns Couture debuts a luxury collection of evening wear, oozing classic style rules and timeless elegance.

Produced from the finest of fabrics, this new fashion house revives traditional values as well as a retro style inspired by a golden era of movie stars. Already a favourite of TV stars and beauty queens, the couture collection does more than just look good – a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each gown go towards the charity Destiny Rescue, which saves young girls from slavery and child sex trafficking -creating a fashion brand that cares amongst an industry of many fast-paced, unethical labels.




Influenced by the style greats of the 30s, 40s and 50s, the luxury range from designer Dominique Mearns includes strapless numbers with tulle underskirts that nod to vintage Dior, as well as disco-infused playsuits and 1940s jumpsuits for an alternative take on the act of ‘dressing up’.

Dominique Mearns, Founder and Designer at Dominique Mearns Couture said, “I started this business when I found it impossible to find the perfect bridesmaid’s outfits for my wedding. I dreamed of dressing my girls in fabulous gowns that oozed movie star glamour and sophistication from the past, yet I had to take matters into my own hands to achieve this image! Having a unique body shape, I also often found it hard to find evening dresses that fitted me perfectly to make me feel confident in what I was wearing.”




Mearns continued, “And so, Dominique Mearns Couture was born! Every woman in the world deserves to feel like a star of the silver screen, and with my brand I aim to make a piece of old-school luxury available to everyone, offering a tailoring service to skim each customer’s curves to perfection.”

The execution of each gown is every bit as luxurious as its celebrity inspiration, with fine details such as genuine gemstones, freshwater pearls and natural coral carefully hand-crafted by artisans to embellish each dress with an inherent sense of luxury. Just as Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly would never be seen in synthetic materials, Dominique Mearns Couture creates her garments in quality fabrics. The fashion house’s link to royalty goes beyond its regal designs, as the silk used to create the eveningwear is sourced from a fine silk production house, rumoured to be a favourite of the famously chic Princess Diana.




The fabulous creations of Dominique Mearns Couture have already been dressing the stars, seen at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week and worn by Miss Universe Australia and Sydney-based television host, Brittany Bloomer. Gown by gown, Dominique Mearns Couture is bringing Hollywood glamour back to the stylish women of the world once more.

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