Complement Your Features with Evening Make Up

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It is not always easy knowing which make up to use for your skin tone. What colours complement you best? Does this lipstick shade match your evening dress? Should you use cooler shades for spring and summer or warmer shades for autumn and winter? Using these guidelines will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to dance the night away looking fabulous.

First, you will want to start with a base. There is no magical way of knowing your shade, you simply have to test them on your skin and find what works best for you. You will want to use concealer to hide those blemishes or dark circles you might have. Evening up your skin tone can give you a nice, clean palette to work with.

Next, you choose your blush. Keep in mind the season for your event. Light shades of pink are best for spring and summer while orange, mauve and bronze shades are best for autumn and winter. Then consider your skin tone:

  • Fair skin- baby pink, peach or a sheer plum
  • Medium skin- apricot, mauve or soft berry
  • Olive skin- orangey-pink, rose or bronze raisin
  • Dark skin- a brick colour, rusty, or bright tangerine

Feel free to get creative and mix your colours that complement your skin tone. Prepare a unique colour for yourself.

Thirdly, you will want to choose eyeliner and eye shadow shades. The great thing about eye shadows is that it is your chance to get creative and use your artistic ability. Don’t be afraid to try out a nice cat eye for your eyeliner. But keep in mind you will need to choose the best shade for your eye colour.


  • Blue eyes- terra-cotta, navy, champagne, brown, copper or gold
  • Green eyes- rust, brown, mahogany or aubergine
  • Brown eyes- mink grey, purple or cobalt
  • Hazel eyes- bronze, olive or plum

Eye shadow

  • Blue eyes- warmer shades such as grey-brown, slate or even silvery blues. For darker blue eyes you could try aubergine, gold, bronze, copper or champagne
  • Brown eyes- for more of a subtle tone a bronze or peach colour and for a statement you might use purple, navy, teal or green. Browns are very neutral and almost any colour will work.
  • Green eyes- sepia, rust, purple, pink or browns with reddish undertones
  • Hazel eyes- grey, dusty pink, burgundy, deep purple or yellow-brown. Hazel eyes have specks of different colours. If you wish to bring out the green specks, try lavender, violet or plum. If you wish to bring out the light brown, you will want to aim more towards the yellowy-browns and greys.

Finally, you will want to complete your look with a lip shade. The trick is to either go for a bold lip or bold eyes. If you choose to go for the bold eye, you can pick a neutral or soft shade for your lip. If you choose to play down your eyes, try a bold lip colour for your evening look. Lip colour also depends on your skin tone and what balances it the best.

  • Olive skin- nude, pink, orange or red shades
  • Fair skin- bold reds, deep colours. You will want to avoid anything too light.
  • Darker skin- deeper shades

For a special evening, it is always best to practise your make up before the occasion. Choose the make up that best suits you and your dress. Whether you are shopping for a plus sized evening dress or a LBD, make your make up your statement and own the night.

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