Coffee’s effect on your waistline

Posted on Jan 26 2015 - 8:23am by Staff
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Most people think that if you eat fat it makes you fat.  What I like to say is that eating the RIGHT TYPES OF FAT actually makes you thin!!

Nowadays we have low-fat this, reduced fat that.  Fat is normally what gives the food its taste.  Take the fat out and there is very little taste left.  So what do you think food manufactures put into the food instead to replace the removed fats?

CARBOHYDRATES – the blimmin’ things that raise insulin levels and nine times out of ten times causes fat gain in individuals!!

A great example of this is with coffee.  Now we all know that coffee contains caffeine that sets off hormones in our body to ‘get us going’.  However you also need to appreciate what else is within your morning pick me up.

Let’s look at 2 versions of a popular coffee on the high-street.  The latte – skinny versus normal.

So first of all, why is a latte ‘skinny’ in the first place?  Well it means it basically contains skimmed milk instead of full fat milk.  Here is the nutrition content of a leading coffee shops regular (using full fat milk) compared to skinny latte (medium size):

Skinny or fat latte

So from this information, you can see that the full fat latte has more calories in it therefore most people who wish to lose weight will go for the ‘skinny’ as it contains less calories. And they’d be doing the right thing, right?!

However, under closer inspection, which one has more total sugar?  Which one is going to raise your insulin levels higher and cause more calories to get stored as fat?  YES IT’S THE SKINNY LATTE!

So what can I use as my FIX in the morning then to get me going?

Well take a look at the same coffee shops nutritional information for a simple espresso:

Espresso    3 kcals     0.2g protein       0.4g CHO         0.2g SUGAR          0.1g FAT

Hardly ANY calories, protein, sugar or fat, however it still has the caffeine in it to give you the kick you need in the mornings!!

Now don’t think that you can now consume 50 espresso’s a day, you can’t!  The reason is another set of hormones kicks in when we consume caffeine, namely adrenaline and cortisol, which is what gets us going.  Too much of these hormones throughout the day can eventually lead to FAT GAIN so if needed, simply consume caffeine in the morning to get you going, that’s it.  Also, too much caffeine each and every day causes your body to become desensitised to the effects of caffeine therefore you’ll need more and more to experience the ‘kick’.

Remember it is not just coffee that food manufacturers manipulate in order to make it fat-free/low-fat in order to fool the public into thinking that it is a better option when trying to lose REAL body-fat.

So here’s some take home points:

  1. Low-fat/reduced fat is not better.  If its low-fat/reduced fat, it means man has tampered with it more than its higher fat, more natural version.  It also means it will contain more CARBOHYDRATES compared to the original version.
  2. Realise that more carbohydrates means more insulin release – insulin suppresses fat burning in the body
  3. Sod either type of latte, have an espresso instead!
  4. Only consume caffeine in the morning/or prior to a work out, to get you going.

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