Be Ready For Summer By Spring Cleaning Your Diet

Posted on Mar 16 2015 - 8:11pm by Staff

Spring has become the traditional weight loss season. People have booked their holidays and now they want to get ready for them. Maybe they’ve bought the perfect bikini and are looking to trim a few pounds for the flawless fit, or maybe they’ve got a summer wedding on the horizon and they want to wear that dress – the one they got in the January sales but didn’t feel comfortable enough to wear yet. In any case, and for whatever reason, you’ll always see people wanting to lose weight in the springtime.

Whether it’s for your health or so that you can feel good for the summer, the health and diet experts at 121doc suggest that you aim for balance. Avoid the trendy, easy-option diets and instead turn your short-term weight loss plans into a long-term health goal. But be careful – do you actually need to lose weight? And if you do, how much weight loss is safe? Contrary to pop-culture beliefs, smaller isn’t always better and, in fact, the ideal weight and size is going to be unique to every individual. Don’t base your goals on magazine images and, most importantly, consider properly what you want to achieve with your springtime weight loss.

Diets that ask participants to give up certain food groups have been incredibly popular in recent years but the truth is that cutting out food types will only lead to cutting out necessary nutrients. Over a long period of time this is likely to be bad for you, and even in the short-term it is only to have a negative effect on your health. No-carb-diets, for example, have been popular in recent years – the problem is that your body needs carbohydrates to operate effectively; you might notice a drop in weight, but it may well be at the expense of your health. Additionally, you are very likely to put the lost weight straight back on as soon as you return to eating the cut-out food type again. From a health perspective, it’s important that you diet carefully – fad diets are very often based on a premise that is difficult to uphold and in most cases they lead to short-term success but long-term failure. Indeed the chances are that most healthcare professionals would not suggest a person follow any of these diets at all.

The best way to lose weight for summer is to make changes in your lifestyle. Eat better without sacrificing necessary nutrients and exercise more with advice from experts or trainers. Balance and moderation are vital and you are far more likely to notice a long-term health benefit if you’re patient and realistic with your weight-loss goals. If there is a specific date that you want to lose for then start early and allow yourself that time to reach your goal safely and healthily. And most importantly of all, if you are patient and introduce your balanced and moderate exercise and diet regime, then you will feel a lot better as time progresses. It’s tempting to drop the weight quick for the summer holidays, but it’s preferable by far to drop the weight permanently – and you’ll still look amazing in the bikini.

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