Arôme Parfum is recreating luxury scents at great prices

Posted on Jan 8 2016 - 3:55pm by Staff
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A British based atelier is shaking up the luxury scents’ market with a range of enchanting perfumes that take advantage of the fact that fragrances can’t be trademarked so is able to duplicate brands often at ten times cheaper than the original. Blended with the highest quality natural ingredients, and packaged in beautifully labelled glass bottles, Arôme Parfum is underpinned by a philosophy that high quality scents shouldn’t cost the earth.


Italian Leather


“There’s simply no reason why we should have to pay top pound prices to smell divine. At its core, Arôme Parfum exists to offer luxurious scents, without the huge mark ups.” says Patrick Griffin, founder of Arôme Parfum

Every Arôme Parfum scent is blended to last as long, if not longer than the original scent it successfully mimics.  All perfumes are blended using the highest quality natural ingredients, sourced from premium suppliers. This includes high concentrate essential oils and other natural elements.

While designer scents may come with a sky high price tag, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re worth every penny. Over the past few years high end niche perfume brands have started to invade the international scents market.  Shoppers are gradually turning away from designer and celebrity scents, instead opting to spend often over £200 on something more unique. The trend is largely fuelled by a growing perception that many mainstream perfumes designed to copy what ever is popular at the time and all end up smelling identical.


Saffron Rose


“I think it is currently accepted wisdom in the industry that niche brands are stealing market share from some of the big brands and that trend looks likely to continue.” comments Exane BNP Paribas analyst Jeff Stent.

A recent article published in The Independent revealed some of the industry’s most scandalous secrets, suggesting that a £4 ‘Suddenly Madame Glamour’ scent from Lidl smells identical to its £70  Chanel ‘Coco Mademoiselle’ counterpart. The only difference is the branded bottle. Arôme Parfum is aimed more at fragrance connoisseurs who more than likely already own expensive niche but are happy to save hundreds of pounds on a high quality copy.  With an array of scents inspired by the iconic French perfumery.


Oud and Tobacco


For the ladies, the Arôme Parfum inventory is brimming with intoxicating blends. Scents draw inspiration from the world’s most luxurious brands, including Chanel, Armani, Kilian, Clive Christian and other coveted brands. The men’s range includes a myriad of masculine scents, inspired by leading fragrances from Creed, Nasomatto, Tom Ford and more. Using notes of bergamot, lemon, green mandarin, sea salt, sandalwood, ambergris, musk, Arôme Parfum creates intoxicating scents, for a fraction of designer prices.

Each scent is accompanied by a detailed description covering top notes, heart notes and base notes. The scent architects also include a personality overview of the fragrance, as well as a nod to the original scent that inspired the blend.

Priced at just £17.99 for a 50ml bottle, the Arôme Parfum is affordable.

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