AGA Couture launches DARK-SUNSET collection

Posted on Apr 4 2016 - 1:02pm by Staff
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British fashion brand AGA Couture has just debuted its latest collection, ahead of stunning runway entrance at London Fashion   Weekend. A collision of luxe fabrics, delicate finishes and feminine cuts, DARK-SUNSET casts a shadow on convention, and introduces ladies to a new era of artisan style.

Designed to celebrate the female physique, the DARK-SUNSET collection is an assembly of formal evening gowns and two piece sets. The concept of contemporary femininity is woven into every piece, with AGA Couture’s designs honouring strength, confidence and innate beauty.




“With DARK-SUNSET I wanted to liberate ladies from the shackles of the high street, and set them free with couture that’s as bold as its wearer,” says creator Agnieszka Klaput.

For Klaput, materials are paramount to the design process. Inspired by the soft light of the setting sun, the collection features a spectrum of delicate materials including silks, georgette, lace and organza. True to its name, the DARK-SUNSET colour palette is dramatic and moody. Smokey blacks, dusky greys and metallic golds dominate for a theatrical aesthetic.




The evening gown collection is a categorical show stealer, with plunging necklines, sheer lace layers and daring cut-outs bringing a sense of provocative rhythm to the runway. All gowns are set off with delicate couture finishes, a trademark that Klaput refuses to overlook.

“I see evening gowns as the epitome of high end couture, and the opportunities for expression are vast. I had an extraordinary time designing the DARK-SUNSET evening gown collection, and approached it not only as a design journey, but also as a prospect to explore my own femininity, power and sexual magnetism,” says Klaput.




A passionate tailor, AGA has an eye for every stitch. Using her flair for form she creates pieces that flatter the physique, and empower wearers with a sense of unstoppable style.

“Femininity and elegance are traits that make every woman sexy, yet to me this doesn’t mean compromising on confidence, empowerment and uniqueness. The DARK-SUNSET collection celebrates the collision of sass and sovereignty, telling the story through artisan designs, exquisite materials, beautifully tailored cuts and an underlying sense of spontaneity,” says Klaput.

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