Adorn’s innovative world’s first 3D makeup pen

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An innovation driven beauty atelier is introducing ladies to the next generation of makeup, with a tool that creates flawless complexion ultra-advanced technology. Featuring a built in scanner and internal color mixing mechanism, Adorn is the world’s first 3D makeup pen. The result is flawless, perfectly blended coverage every time.

Finding the perfect foundation shade is a dilemma that’s plagued ladies for decades. It’s essentially an ongoing game of trial and error that results in patchy coverage and legions of cash spent experimenting with new brands and shades. Too light, too dark, too pink, too orange – the trail is enduring. Plus, when skin tones change with the season the struggle begins all over again.

Adorn is putting an end to beauty blunders with robot inspired technology that actively pinpoints the perfect shade with breathtaking precision. Using a scientifically sophisticated technique that only a robot could mimic, Adorn is the answer to decades of foundation frustrations. Whether ladies are pale in winter, tanned in summer or honey kissed in spring and fall, Adorn is a one fix solution.

A spokesperson from Adorn said, “Using Adorn feels like living in the future, because it is the future.”




At the touch of a button, an inbuilt scanner carries out a color analysis of the face with outstanding accuracy. It then uses results to blend multi-hued foundation shades in the cylinder of the pen. Once the perfect shade has been achieved, it prints the bespoke color base straight onto the fingertips. With the capacity to create millions of shades of foundation, Adorn pull off a superlative color match every time. For modern women that simply can’t afford to waste time blending the perfect shade day in and out, Adorn is a must have secret weapon.

 “ They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We like to think it’s in one clever pen. No longer will ladies have to settle for coverage that’s too light or dark. With Adorn, they can print catwalk worthy coverage, at the touch of a button.” commented a spokesperson from the company.

Print amounts are controlled by the user for zero wastage. The stylish 100% waterproof metallic casing is utterly on-trend, which means Adorn makes a stunning addition to any makeup case, counter or handbag.

Adorn comes pre-loaded with professional quality multi-hued foundation. Refills are affordably priced at just $20.

For a limited time only ladies can preorder the Adorn 3D makeup pen for $139. This represents a 50% saving off the original price of $279.

To find out more about Adorn, and how the world’s first 3D makeup pen is putting an end to beauty blunders for good, go to their website.

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