TV Make-Up Artist Caroline Parks’ Top Tips For Camera-Ready Look at Home

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When it comes to applying make-up, there are plenty of top hints and tips to ensure you always achieve a flawless finish.

But according to television make-up artist Caroline Parks the key to looking camera-ready starts well before the make-up comes out.

She explained: “Getting the right lighting is essential. Lighting is extremely important as make-up works with the shadows and highlights of your face.”

Dubbed the ultimate getting-ready mirror, the Hollywood Collection from Illuminated Mirrors showcases mirrors surrounded by a cluster of energy-saving LED lightbulbs to offer an exact reflection.

Caroline added: “Where possible natural daylight is best but if not, a mirror with lights around the edge works just as well. Illuminated mirrors are ideal as you look directly into the mirror it perfectly illuminates the face evenly.

“It’s harder to work with ceiling spotlights as they can cast harsh shadows – making it difficult to tell if the client has darkness under the eyes or if it’s simply a shadow from their browbone.”

Each mirror in the Hollywood Collection boasts a discreet dim switch to change the brightness of the bulbs – something Caroline believes is essential to achieving that flawless look.

She said: “If you’re applying make-up under artificial lights, try to find lighting similar to where you are going – so for example if you’re going to an outdoor event try to see how your make-up looks in natural light. After all, what looks heavy in bright sunshine may look washed out in a dark room.

“An illuminated mirror with a dim switch is ideal to ensure your make-up looks right for your surroundings as you can alter how much light is shone on the face.”

And finally, Caroline states the importance of using a large wall-mounted or table-top mirror that will reflect all of your face.

She said: “As obvious as it sounds, you should always apply your make-up while looking in a large mirror. So many people try to do their make-up in little handheld mirrors and struggle to get their face to look symmetrical.

“Achieving the perfect eye make-up is all well and good but it has to look great in context with the rest of your face.

“Wall-mounted and table-top mirrors are perfect as they are big enough to capture the whole face and free up both hands to apply make-up.”

Caroline Parks is a professional make-up artist with credits for the BBC, Monarch Airlines, and MTV.

Caroline’s top tips:

  • Lighting is key. Always apply make-up in natural daylight or using a mirror with lights around the edge.
  • Choose an illuminated mirror with a dim switch to ensure your make-up is perfect for the occasion you’re attending.
  • Use a large mirror to reflect the whole face to achieve a symmetrical look.
  • Use a wall-mounted or table top mirror to leave both hands free to apply make-up.


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