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A British corsetry boutique is helping ladies hit New Year weight loss targets as motivation wanes following the first flush of commitment, with a stunning range of waist trainers that actively promote perspiration. Loved by the likes of A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, True Corset waist trainers are every girl’s secret weapon when it comes to trimming down, and toning up.




When worn repeatedly, waist training garments have been shown to dynamically modify the figure into an hourglass shape. By cinching the core, hips, and back they mould the body into a slimmer figure, complete with killer curves. Meanwhile, the second skin promotes excessive sweat which banishes toxins and fast-tracks weight loss. Over the past few years the garments have proven to be wildly popular with celebrities wanting to reshape their waistlines and fast-track weight loss. Jessica Alba has even credited a waist trainer with helping her shed baby weight.

“Sexy and feminine, the hourglass shape is seriously in vogue right now, and waist trainers are the key to achieving the look. Popularised by ‘bootylicious’ celebrities such as Kim K, Beyoncé and Kelly Brook, the dangerously curvy look is a revival of figures flaunted by screen sirens such as Lynda Carter, Brigitte Bardot, Joan Collins and of course, the ever sultry Marilyn Monroe,” says Dani Dalton , True Corset’s corset evangelist.




From brisk walks to full on work out sessions, waist trainers are designed to be worn during any form of physical activity. When wrapped around the mid-section the garment creates a compressing effect on the core. This stimulates thermal activity and increases perspiration. As a result fat cells are mobilised which allows toxins and impurities to flow out of the body. This means supercharged weight loss, while simultaneously training the body to maintain an hourglass figure.

All True Corset waist trainers are crafted from natural latex rubber. The outer shell is encased within an exterior cotton layer and interior cotton lining for superlative comfort, while a quartet of spiral steel bones prevent the garment from rolling up or moving around the waist during activity.




For ladies in search of a quick fix solution with similar results to waist trainers, the range of bandage corsets instantly slims and trims for a streamlined silhouette. Drawing inspiration from the classic cincher corset, the garments are a dangerously curvy weapon in any woman’s arsenal of wearable accessories. With no side panels or steel bones, the Siren Ribbon Cincher offers ladies the luxury of uninterrupted contouring from front to back. Despite their feather light build the bandage corsets boast incredible strength. The result is remarkable waist reduction, guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned of corset connoisseurs.

To find out more about True Corset, and browse the range of waist trainers, bandage corsets and other garments available to purchase from the online e-boutique, go to:

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