The new Flawless Finish makeup sponge from Pamper Therapy

Posted on May 29 2016 - 2:59pm by Staff
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As blending sponges continue to rise in popularity, the new Flawless Finish makeup sponge from Pamper Therapy utilises a never seen before design, making it the most new usable tool on the market for those striving for the next big thing in makeup perfection.

Makeup Sponge

2015 was the year that the quest for a flawless complexion hit new heights; as celebrities such as Kim Kardashian led the trend for impeccable glowing skin and contouring, a new wave of makeup sponges were released using a rounded shape to achieve a more natural finish, without leaving streak marks. With the rise of Instagram make up tutorials, impeccable makeup went mainstream with beauty blenders no longer the preserve of the professional makeup artist.

The launch of the new Flawless Finish Makeup sponge from Pamper Therapy takes the makeup bag essential to the next level, adapting the traditional design and evolving it to create a high-quality sponge like no other.


Makeup Sponge 2


Camile Douglas-Letts, founder of Pamper Therapy said, “It’s no secret that elliptical shaped beauty blenders help to achieve a much more polished coverage than the old fashioned, triangular shapes that were once popular. With my background in beauty therapy, I was seeing the benefits of this new sponge shape every day, however I thought that something was still missing. The Flawless Finish makeup sponge features the recognised teardrop shape, whilst also incorporating a solid flat edge into the design, along one side of the sponge. With this simple edit, the tool is given a whole new functionality, with users now able to layer on foundation with ease, before using the rounded side to blend it to perfection”.


Makeup Sponge 3


The Flawless Finish Makeup sponge is latex free, and is made from materials that are super soft and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The unique design allows for the full facial makeup look to be created using just one applicator, making it a must have tool for any beauty fan’s kit.

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