Mother’s Day Chocolate Gift Suggestions from Godiva

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What do you buy the woman who has it all? Whether you feel as though you cannot possibly find something she actually needs, or it is just hard to decide what she may want, chocolate and Mother’s Day always seem to go hand in hand.

It is a gift that shows you care, with just the right amount of luxury and indulgence for the occasion. Godiva brings you an array of Mother’s Day chocolate gift options. Choose one of our suggestions below or browse our entire site for a gift to suit. We offer free standard delivery when you spend £40.

The Spring Collection

With a design by Korean born, New York-based artist Eunju Kang, the Spring Collection brings luscious chocolates in flavours like signature blanc café and lingot noisette. The brightly coloured box makes a lovely keepsake. Select the 15 piece box or the chic, 6 piece Truffles Box.

Godiva’s Gold Collection

This sophisticated collection is a Godiva classic. It features boxes of truffles and wrapped ballotins with glossy Godiva ribbons to make it all the more festive. Think of what mum likes and choose accordingly; you will be spoilt for choice. If you are unsure, the Gold Collection Box with 24 chocolates makes a lovely gift for Mother’s Day.

Coffee and Biscuits

Another category that stands out as perfect for Mother’s Day is Godiva’s coffee and biscuits. Combining aromatic coffee with smooth Belgian chocolate and crisp butter biscuits is a treat no one can resist. It is also a gift that begs to be shared. Set a date with mum to brew a rich cup of hazelnut cream coffee and enjoy it with Godiva’s signature milk chocolate biscuits. This is just one combination waiting to be created.

A Mother’s Day Chocolate Tasting

Godiva’s Full Range of Carrés is a chocolate experience, featuring creamy white chocolate, 85% cacao dark chocolate and several varieties in between. Each individually wrapped square offers different flavours and a different level of intensity. Combine it with a bottle of fine wine, or simply enjoy a tasting with mum paired with a cup of tea; remember to start with the lowest intensity chocolate and work your way to the darkest square.

Visit a Godiva Chocolate Shop

What better way to pamper mum than with a full chocolate interlude? Godiva’s chocolate cafés in London are places of elegance and fine indulgence. Select from sweet treats like dipped strawberries, cases of fine chocolates and beverages such as our now famous chocolixirs. An afternoon of warmth, laughter and chocolate is a way to satisfy her sweet tooth and make new memories.

A Hamper of Chocolate Treats

For a gift that keeps giving, a chocolate hamper certainly takes the guesswork out of choosing from all of the delights on our site. With boxes of truffles, pouches of chocolate pearls, chocolate biscuits for teatime and many other packets to open you ensure that mum samples the best of Godiva.

Godiva Gift Voucher

If we are honest, mothers can be difficult to shop for. If you want to play it safe, why not go for a gift voucher? It allows mum to log onto the website and select anything she likes. Browsing our site is part of the fun! You guarantee she receives the chocolate gift of her choice.

Whether you plan to present your gift in person, pick her up for an afternoon of indulgence or order a beautiful chocolate gift to be delivered to her home, Godiva offers the perfect gift to truly make mum feel loved on March 15th.

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