How to Achieve Healthy Looking Skin

Posted on Feb 22 2015 - 5:11pm by Staff
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Your skin is the first thing people notice about you. Not only is it the largest organ in your body, it is also the most visible. Keeping it healthy is crucial to looking your best.

Beauty starts from within; what you eat and drink can have a serious impact on your skin. If you are not drinking enough water, you risk depriving your skin and entire body of precious moisture. You should ty to drink at least eight glasses of water per day (2 to 3 litres). Simple lean proteins such as fish, chicken, nuts and beans are a great place to start. If you feel you are not getting enough protein, you may want to consider taking a supplement.

A Healthy Diet

Green and yellow vegetables contain catenoids, which are powerful antioxidants that keep your skin flexible and prevent wrinkles. Nuts and other foods with unsaturated fatty acids can also help give your skin a boost in this area.

Vitamin C is also a great antioxidant, so have plenty of oranges, papaya, strawberries and broccoli in your diet to keep your skin looking good. Vitamin E can also promote the growth of healthy skin, and it is contained in almonds, avocados and hazelnuts among other foods.

You will also want to limit your exposure to the sun. Although your cells need sunlight to synthetize vitamin D and other important substances, too much sun can be harmful. Use sun cream daily to prevent dangerous radiation from reaching your skin. Tanning beds should also be avoided.

Kick out the bad habits

The effects of tobacco and alcohol on your overall health are well documented, but do you know how they affect your skin? Too much alcohol can severely dehydrate your skin, whilst smoking narrows the blood vessels in the skin, reducing blood flow and encouraging premature aging.

Severe dryness of the skin can be caused by a harsh environment. If the weather is too cold or too hot, your skin will reflect it. If you live in a dry climate it is good to keep a humidifier around. A good moisturiser should also be an essential part of your skin care routine for total facial health.

Exercise is also very important; we all know it helps you keep your weight at a healthy level but it also does wonders for your dermis. Sweating helps rid your skin of impurities, but do not forget to give your face a gentle cleansing after your workout.

Too much make up can clog your pores. When removing it you can also wash away your skin’s defences. It is good to try a natural look and keep foundation and concealer to a minimum.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Find the skin care routine that is right for you and the products that satisfy your individual needs. If you have rosacea, acne or other skin conditions, don’t hesitate to contact your general practitioner.

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