e3’s Ionic Power Ultra Cleansing Mask promises glowing skin complexion

Posted on Oct 3 2016 - 9:24am by Staff
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Clay has long been used in beauty products to leave skin fresh and clear but a new product uses a unique type containing over 50 different minerals and elements to promote skin renewal and an enviable, glowing complexion. e3’s Ionic Power Ultra Cleansing Mask has received 5 star reviews from customers thanks to its detoxifying properties.

The mask is made up from 99% of natural ingredients, including the precious Canadian glacial oceanic clay that helps to leave skin smooth, hydrated and brightened all day for a naturally beautiful look. The product helps to tighten pores and wrinkles too, leaving skin with a more youthful appearance and encouraging skin elasticity.




The unique product help users achieve a flawless and glowing complexion thanks to the absorptive and detoxifying properties of the Canadian glacial oceanic clay. The clay contains over 50 types of minerals and elements, including silver, calcium and magnesium, that rapidly encourages skin renewal. The star ingredient also has anti-bacterial properties, helping to keep skin healthier and clear throughout the day.

Ella Chen, Product Development Director of e3, said, “Everybody wants to achieve a glowing complexion but many people suffer from acne, clogged pores and other skin problems that can leave them feeling self-conscious. By utilising the precious element of Canadian glacial oceanic clay we can help individuals achieve nourished and balanced skin. The e3 cleansing mask exfoliates, absorbs excess oil, unclog pores and revitalises skin to leave users with the dewy look they’ve always wanted.”




The Ionic Power Ultra Cleansing Mask also contains ingredients that will be more familiar to beauty devotees, including rosemary essential oil, bergamot essential oil and black willow bark extract. Combined, the ingredients help to achieve a fresh-faced look that shows off natural beauty.

The company also produces an ultra-balancing mineral infusion toner that has multiple moisturising factors and contains e3’s signature ingredient, Canadian glacial oceanic clay extract. The toner also contains witch hazel extract, malic extract and aloe leaf extract to promote clear and healthy skin that is nourished.

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