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Posted on Aug 4 2016 - 2:59pm by Staff

There was a time branding was seemingly reserved for giants of the advertising world; logos, catchphrases and jingles were a sign of megabucks (or at least local dominance) and were reserved for only the most fitting of brands.

Today, however, it’s far easier to make your own mark on the world without wads of cash behind you and the necessity of a personal brand is more prolific than ever; from self-employed professionals (whether you’re a law expert, marketing consultant or beauty therapist) to the rise of bloggers and influencers. Creating a personal brand can be simple and rewarding in the digital age. Clothing and uniform supplier Harveys tell us their top tips on getting it right and how to stand above your competitors.

Logo, imagery and website

When you’re just starting out, it can seem a bit dramatic to consider logos and typefaces – but the earlier you do it, the more impact your brand will have and the more professional you’ll seem. There’s numerous tools you can use online to create a logo for a relatively small investment (if you don’t have the money to use a company) but it can be a nifty idea to search social media/Google for any graduating designers looking to build their portfolio. You’ll receive an incredibly creative piece of unique design for less money and you’ll be helping out a budding professional. Best of all, it can also be the start of a fantastic relationship when you’re ready to take your company to the next level and want to invest in new designs or professional services – when they’re working for the biggest and best, they’ll already have a relationship with you and know your brand!

On a similar level, there’s a variety of free website options across the web – if you’re just starting out as a blogger, for example, using WordPress’ free options can be great for building content and a following. If you have a business or want to progress to the next level, however remember that the investment you put in will be directly linked to what you get back. Spend time researching different blog designs and hosting options – free is absolutely fine but, to progress to the big league, you’ll need something people remember you for!

Personal Style

As outfitters to all sorts of industries and professionals we like to consider this our speciality – if there’s a way to help you sell your business through clothing, we are there! This point mainly applies to fashion bloggers and professionals in industries like beauty or healthcare, however exuding confidence and finding your own look can help you in whatever you do.

For bloggers, it’s about feeling as comfortable as possible in what you wear and finding colours and styles that you feel represent your personality. If you want to show a professional demeanor (say you’re blogging about business or your work) consider the sharpest designs. If you want to showcase a fun and bubbly personality, meanwhile, find outfits that do just that. Never wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable just because you feel it’s fashionable – let your likes and dislikes dictate what you wear. It’s YOUR personal brand, no one else’s.

Social Media

You don’t need us to tell you how great a tool social media is for getting word out about your brand. However, making sure you get it right is a delicate balance. A common mistake many make is spreading themselves too thinly, trying to concentrate on all the channels out there when in reality they need to concentrate on just a few. If you’re running a beauty business, Instagram and Facebook would be a wise investment to help show your creations in a visual way to the right audiences. If you’ve got a new business in another industry, however, it might be better considering LinkedIn or Twitter. Do some research into the channels most used by professionals like you and don’t be afraid of paid advertising; while you might think you don’t need it, it can make a massive impact on the number of relevant people seeing your brand.

Be Yourself

Remember, it’s called a personal brand for a reason – it’s all about you. If you’re providing a professional service, there’ll be countless others offering the same and it’s your unique personality that will stand you above them! Never try to copy anyone else – be proud of who you are and your unique qualities and the right customers, readers or connections will come. Whatever it is you’re trying to showcase!

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